Today is March 19, 2018

Welcome to the Rancho Adobe Fire Protection District.

Message From the Fire Chief

“The past few weeks have, without a doubt, been nothing we have ever experienced before locally and will have a tremendous effect on how we move forward to re-build our community, heal our members and strategize about future fire service needs.  Sonoma County has always been viewed as a blessed and protected natural region:  rich in culture, unparalleled beauty, and longstanding history and tradition.  Its residents are known for being accepting, generous and philanthropic.   The fires that began on 10/8/17 and ravaged our local landscape hurt, but did not completely kill our County’s spirit.  Seeing the community pull together has been nothing but amazing and inspiring.  And that includes the out-pouring of care, concern and goods from outside the area as well.  Sonoma County is special; it will be re-built and the memories that right now seem to be forever lost will return, given time.

I have nothing but overwhelming praise for the members of the Rancho Adobe Fire Department during this disaster.  Much respect goes to each and every member who put their life at risk to protect our extended community, as well as to those who tirelessly worked our three stations here in our District without reprieve for days on end.  It was beyond an all-hands on deck event, sometime stretching us painfully thin, and I am very proud of the manner in which you all conducted yourselves and focused on the community that many of you call home or grew up in.  This fire hit too close to home for many of us; it was personal.  But the collaborative nature in which you all worked together within the County will only strengthen the bonds we have with our Regional neighboring agencies.  A lot was experienced; there are, as always, many lessons to be learned.  My hope is that we, both as a Department and a County fire service effort, will grow exponentially from this event and use what we’ve learned to become even stronger and smarter.

Rancho Adobe Fire Department, I thank you for your dedicated and courageous service. “

Leonard Thompson